Has everything you need to do bike maintenance & repairs for a good price. A handy carry case makes it portable.

A complete set of bicycle repair tools for regular bike service & maintenance

Made of high-quality carbon steel & high-quality plastic, this 48 piece bicycle repair tool kit is durable & can be used to repair tyres, brakes, lights & chains


Bike Repair Tool Kit | Bicycle Maintenance Tools | Bike Tools

Suitable for all types of bikes

Original price was: $89.Current price is: $69.

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A complete set of bicycle repair tools, one set can be used to repair tires, brakes, lights and chains, 48 pieces of tools can meet all the needs of bicycle repair.

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  1. One tool for installing the sealed center shaft;
  2. One cassette loading and unloading tool;
  3. One tool for fixing and removing the flywheel;
  4. 1 steel wire wrench;
  5. One 8″-10″ open wrench;
  6. Gear shaft wrench 14″16″-13″15″ 2pcs;
  7. One hex wrench for each 6″5″4″3″2″1″;
  8. One integrated center shaft wrench;
  9. 1 hook pulley for ordinary center shaft loading and unloading tool;
  10. 1 15″16″-15″17″ pedal opening wrench;
  11. One ordinary flywheel loading and unloading tool;
  12. 4 flat and cross screwdriver connectors;
  13. 1 150mm6″ movable wrench;
  14. 3 wrenches for tire removal;
  15. 1 box of tire sealant;
  16. One chain remover;
  17. 1 crank and chainring loading and unloading tool;
  18. One small flat or cross screwdriver;
  19. One tire pressure detection pen;
  20. Outer hex socket tool joint 10″9″8″ 3 pieces
  21. A screwdriver and a connecting rod for an outer hexagon socket;
  22. Flywheel, sealed center shaft remover connecting rod 1 piece
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Original price was: $89.Current price is: $69.

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Complete Repair Tool

A complete set of bicycle repair tools, one set can be used to repair tires, brakes, lights and chains, 48 pieces of tools can meet all the needs of bicycle repair.

Suitable For All Bikes

It is suitable for regular bike service, such as disassembling the freewheel, changing bottom bracket, removing chain, adjusting spoke, repairing tire and so on.

Easy to Store

This bicycle tool kit comes with a store case, which is durable and lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere easily and conveniently, you can use and store it anywhere.


Made of high-quality carbon steel and high-quality plastic, this bicycle repair tool kit is durable and can be used to repair tires, brakes, lights and chains.
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What is a Bike Repair Tool Kit, and how does it differ from Bicycle Maintenance Tools or Bike Tools?
A Bike Repair Tool Kit, also known as Bicycle Maintenance Tools or Bike Tools, is a collection of tools specifically designed for bike repair and maintenance tasks. While the terminology may vary, they all refer to the same type of toolkit that contains essential tools for keeping your bike in optimal condition. The specific name used may depend on marketing strategies or variations in the tools included, but their primary purpose remains consistent.
What tools are typically included in a Bicycle Maintenance Tools set?
A Bicycle Maintenance Tools set usually includes a variety of tools necessary for basic bike repairs and maintenance. Common tools found in such sets may include wrenches, screwdrivers, Allen keys, tire levers, chain tools, pedal wrenches, spoke wrenches, bottom bracket tools, and more. The exact tools included can vary depending on the specific kit and the manufacturer.
Can Bike Tools be used for both minor repairs and major overhauls?
Yes, Bike Tools are designed to be versatile and can be used for both minor repairs and major overhauls. They are engineered to handle a wide range of maintenance tasks, from adjusting brakes and gears to replacing components and rebuilding hubs. However, for more complex repairs or specialized tasks, additional tools or expertise may be required.
Are Bike Repair Tool Kits suitable for beginners?
Yes, Bike Repair Tool Kits are suitable for beginners. They often include the essential tools needed for basic maintenance and repairs, making them ideal for individuals who are just starting to learn about bike maintenance. These toolkits provide a convenient and cost-effective way to acquire the necessary tools for DIY bike maintenance.
Are Bicycle Maintenance Tools compatible with all types of bikes?
Bicycle Maintenance Tools are generally compatible with a wide range of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and more. However, it’s important to ensure that the tools you choose are appropriate for your specific bike’s components, such as the sizes of nuts, bolts, and other fittings. Some specialized tools may be required for certain types of bikes or components.
Can Bike Tools be used for other mechanical tasks besides bike maintenance?
While Bike Tools are primarily designed for bike maintenance, some of the tools can be used for other mechanical tasks as well. For example, screwdrivers, wrenches, and Allen keys in the toolkit can be used for various household or DIY projects. However, it’s important to note that the tools are optimized for bike-specific tasks and may not be the most suitable for all general-purpose applications.
Are Bike Repair Tool Kits portable and easy to carry?
Yes, Bike Repair Tool Kits are often designed to be portable and easy to carry. They are compact and lightweight, allowing you to bring them along for on-the-go repairs or when traveling with your bike. Some kits come with a carrying case or pouch for convenient storage and transportation.
Can I purchase individual Bike Tools instead of a complete kit?
Yes, many Bike Tools can be purchased individually, allowing you to build your toolkit based on your specific needs and preferences. This option is beneficial if you already have some tools or if you require specialized tools for specific bike components or repairs. It allows for customization and flexibility in assembling your ideal set of tools.
Are there different levels of quality available for Bicycle Maintenance Tools?
Yes, Bicycle Maintenance Tools are available in different levels of quality and price ranges. There are basic toolkits that offer adequate functionality for occasional or light use, as well as professional-grade tools designed for heavy-duty use and longevity. It’s important to consider your needs, budget, and intended usage when choosing the appropriate level of quality for your Bike Tools.
Can Bike Tools help save money on bike repairs and maintenance?
Yes, having Bike Tools and performing basic maintenance tasks yourself can help save money on bike repairs. Instead of relying on bike shops or mechanics for every minor adjustment or repair, you can handle many tasks on your own with the right tools and knowledge. This can reduce the frequency of visits to bike shops and empower you to maintain your bike’s condition effectively.

10 reviews for Bike Repair Tool Kit | Bicycle Maintenance Tools | Bike Tools

  1. Kari

    this tool kit has every tool you could ever need to carry out any and all bike repairs at home. Box keeps everything neat and makes for easy transport in a car taking up little room. love it and thanks for shipping so quickly.

  2. Alexander

    This repair tools almost everything you need to do bike maintenance and repairs for a superb price. A handy carry box makes it portable.

  3. Chauncey

    This bicycle tool kit is perfect for maintaining 8 older bikes I keep for students. It has everything I need to service the bikes in a quality tool box. Great value for money. I recommend this if you are considering getting a bike tool kit.

  4. Bill

    the tools are great, the toolbox itself is limited in value. Compartments for storing the tools and parts would be extremely helpful.

  5. Zac

    The tool kit is great, got every thing you need and more. Have already use some tools in the kit and done a job on my road bike. Very handy for all the jobs I will be doing on the bikes we have.

  6. Sue

    This is a great tool kit with pretty much everything you’ll ever need. Tools are hefty and durable, the toolbox itself is sturdy. Very happy with this purchase.

  7. Christian

    Very nice kit for the do it yourselfers. Everything you need to maintain and repair your bike at home. The toolbox keeps everything neat and organized for when you need it. Highly recommended this kit.

  8. Cindy

    Good value compared to other brands. Tools are of good quality.

  9. Matthew

    Bike repair tools was excellent in my opinion, and the quality seems very good. Perfect for the beginner looking for a comprehensive set of tools.

  10. Jessica

    I love those bicycle tools they’re everything when I wanted I’m a hobbyist and that’s what I needed to have.

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