The pro for this is that it’s sturdy and once you install it, it’s not difficult to mount/dismount it again. The frame is very sturdy, I carried 3 mountain bikes 26inch wheels and it was really secure, they didn’t wobble or anything.

The trunk mounted car bike rack sets up in seconds and is designed to fit on sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUV’s
Quick & Easy To Set Up. Comes fully assembled set up and installs in seconds

Trunk Mounted Bike Rack | Car Bike Rack | Bike Rack for Vehicle


A Variety Of Sizes to Choose From


3 DAY JULY SUPER SALE … Don’t Miss Out

Everyone can bring bikes along on vacation and enjoy a relaxing ride thanks to the bike trunk rack. This rack features carry arms that can accommodate up to three bicycles safely.

A padded lower frame keeps the bicycles away from the car to prevent any damage. This car trunk rack is strong and durable.

There is no need wasting time looking for the tool box, as this product comes fully assembled. The trunk mount bike rack fits a wide range of vehicles.

Sets Up In Seconds

Fits wide range of bicycle sizes and styles

Rugged, high quality components

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Patented individual tie-down system

Allen’s patented individual tie-down system secures and protects your bicycles. The tie-downs are fixed in position on the carry arm, but rotate so that the can engage a wide range of bicycle frame sizes and styles.

High-density foam feet to protect vehicle

The high-density foam feet on the Allen Deluxe models adapt to a wide range of vehicle surfaces, and fully protect your vehicle’s finish when transporting your bicycles.

Fold flat for easy storage when not in use

The patented folding design on the Deluxe trunk models allows the rack to quickly fold flat for easy storage when not in use.

Safe & secure five-point attachment system

A secure five-point attachment system delivers a safe and stable attachment of the carrier and your bicycles to your vehicle.
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What is a Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Rack, and why should I consider using one for transporting my bicycles?
A Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Rack is a convenient and cost-effective solution for carrying bicycles on the back of your vehicle. It’s a great choice for occasional bike transport, easy to install, and compatible with various car models.
Can a Car Bike Rack accommodate different bike types, such as mountain bikes and road bikes?
Yes, a Car Bike Rack is designed to transport various bike types, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and even e-bikes. It offers versatility and flexibility for different cycling adventures.
Is a Bike Rack for Vehicle suitable for long road trips, or is it better for short journeys?
A Bike Rack for Vehicle is suitable for both short trips and long road journeys. Just ensure that it’s securely installed and regularly check the rack and bikes for stability during extended travel.
How does a Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Rack attach to the back of my vehicle?
A Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Rack typically attaches using straps and hooks, securing it to the rear of your vehicle. It’s a hassle-free way to transport bikes without requiring a hitch.
Can a Car Bike Rack be used on a hatchback, SUV, or sedan, or does it have vehicle compatibility limitations?
Car Bike Racks are designed to be versatile and can typically be used on a variety of vehicle types, including hatchbacks, SUVs, sedans, and more. Check the product specifications for compatibility details.
Is a Bike Rack for Vehicle easy to install, or do I need professional assistance?
Bike Racks for Vehicles are generally straightforward to install and come with user-friendly instructions. Most people can install them without professional assistance.
Can a Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Rack be locked to prevent theft of the rack and bikes?
Some Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Racks come with locking features to secure the rack to your vehicle and may include locking cables or mechanisms to deter theft.
Are Car Bike Racks designed for single-bike transport, or can they carry multiple bicycles?
Car Bike Racks come in various configurations, some designed for single-bike transport and others for multiple bicycles. You can choose the one that suits your needs.
What are the weight and size limitations for bikes that can be transported using a Bike Rack for Vehicle?
Weight and size limitations can vary depending on the specific rack model. Be sure to check the product specifications to ensure your bikes fit within the weight and size limits.
Is a Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Rack suitable for carrying electric bikes (e-bikes)?
Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Racks can often carry e-bikes, but it’s important to check the weight capacity of the rack and ensure it’s compatible with the added weight of electric bikes.
Can a Car Bike Rack be easily removed when not in use, or is it a permanent fixture on the vehicle?
Car Bike Racks are typically removable when not in use, making them a flexible and non-permanent solution for bike transport.
How do I ensure that a Bike Rack for Vehicle is securely fastened to my car to prevent accidents on the road?
Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully and periodically check the rack’s attachment points and the security of the bikes during transit to ensure safety.
Can a Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Rack be used with a rear-mounted spare tire on some SUVs and off-road vehicles?
Some Boot/Trunk Mounted Bike Racks are designed to accommodate rear-mounted spare tires, but it’s essential to check the rack’s compatibility for your specific vehicle.
Are Car Bike Racks suitable for carrying children's bikes, and do they require additional accessories for secure transport?

Car Bike Racks can be used to transport children’s bikes, and some models may require adapter bars or accessories for secure and stable transport.

Your Ultimate Guide to Car Bike Racks: Transport Your Bicycles with Ease

Cycling enthusiasts know the exhilaration of hitting the open road on two wheels. But when it’s time to transport your beloved bicycles, you need a dependable companion: the Car Bike Rack. Whether you’re planning a road trip or a day at the trails, a bike rack for your vehicle can make the journey smooth and hassle-free. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of car bike racks, understand their benefits, and help you choose the perfect rack for your cycling adventures.

1. The Versatility of Car Bike Racks:

Car Bike Racks come in various styles, making them suitable for different types of vehicles and cycling needs. From roof-mounted racks to boot/trunk mounted racks, they’re designed to transport your bikes securely.

2. Benefits of Using a Car Bike Rack:

a. Convenience: Car bike racks make it easy to transport your bicycles without the need for disassembly or squeezing them into your vehicle.

b. Space Optimization: With your bikes on a rack, you free up interior space for passengers and gear.

c. Vehicle Compatibility: There’s a bike rack suitable for almost every type of vehicle, from sedans to SUVs, and even hatchbacks.

d. Multiple Bike Transport: Many car bike racks can carry multiple bikes, making them perfect for group rides or family outings.

e. Security: Bike racks are designed with safety features to keep your bikes stable during transport.

3. Types of Car Bike Racks:

There are several types of car bike racks to choose from, depending on your vehicle and cycling preferences:

a. Roof-Mounted Racks: These racks attach to the roof bars of your vehicle. They are versatile and allow access to the boot/trunk.

b. Towbar-Mounted Racks: Ideal for cars with towbars, these racks are easy to install and provide secure bike transportation.

c. Boot/Trunk Mounted Racks: These racks attach to your vehicle’s boot or trunk and are a great option for vehicles without roof bars or towbars.

d. Hitch-Mounted Racks: Hitch racks are suitable for vehicles with a hitch receiver. They provide a sturdy and stable platform for your bikes.

4. How to Choose the Right Car Bike Rack:

Selecting the perfect car bike rack depends on various factors:

a. Vehicle Type: Consider your vehicle’s make and model to determine which type of rack is compatible.

b. Bike Capacity: Determine how many bikes you need to transport regularly.

c. Security Features: Look for racks with locking mechanisms to secure your bikes and deter theft.

d. Ease of Installation: Choose a rack that is easy to install and remove when not in use.

5. Conclusion: Hit the Road with Confidence

A Car Bike Rack is your ticket to exploring new cycling destinations without the hassle of bike disassembly and squeezing your rides into your car. Whether you opt for a roof-mounted, towbar-mounted, or boot/trunk mounted rack, you’ll enjoy the convenience of effortless bike transport. So, load up your bikes, hit the road, and make your cycling adventures a breeze with a reliable car bike rack. Happy cycling!


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